Utah Child Support: How Much Child Support Will I Have To Pay?

Utah child support can be tricky to calculate, especially if one parent has been a “stay-at-home” parent.  Another issue comes up when one parent is self-employed.  With a self-employed parent, we must look at all sources of income and spending from the business.  Many parents ask about the amount of child support, especially during the divorce process.  In a nutshell, both parents must financially support their children.  This means that a “stay-at-home” parent will likely be imputed an income at minimum wage (by the Court) for determining the child support amount.  In Utah, the child support amount is calculated by using a child support calculator.  This calculation is determined by the Utah State Legislature.  This means the child support calculation is governed by Utah law.  Many attorneys use a child support calculator (offered through ORS).  ORS is also known as the Office of Recovery Services.  You will need to know the mother and father’s monthly income.  Also, you will need to know the number of children that need child support.  These two factors will determine the child support payment.  A link to the child support calculator is attached below. The process is not always simple to navigate on your own.  Please call Melanie Cook, a Bountiful child support attorney who can help you determine the amount of child support will be required in your case.

Utah Child Support Calculator

You can estimate your future child support amount.  A child support calculator is attached to the link below.  You will need to know the gross monthly income of both the father and the mother.  You will also need to add the number of children in the calculation.  If you have any questions, please contact Melanie Cook at (801) 800-0170 for a free initial consultation.  Melanie Cook can help you understand the Utah Child Support Calculator.

To Calculate Utah Child Support–Click here

Utah Court Website

The Utah Courts website has information about child support.  This is helpful information.  To read the Utah Courts information, click on the link below.

Utah Courts Website Link on Child Support–Click here

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